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0 isbjörn Halloween and I didn’t have a costume. Twenty minutes later and I was a polar bear all white and fluffy and I HATED IT so I became the saddest polar bear walking the streets of London. 0 flat Off we went to Halloween party no 1 which was filled with pumpkin soup and homemade bread, cocktails and sweets! 0 heisenberg And this was the host, aka Heisenberg from Breaking Bad. 0 Blue Meth He had even made us blue meth. After 8 cocktails each, and too much food, we had to say bye and head up to Dalston. 3 paul daniel To a house party which this lovely young man had invited us to. It’s Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones, or Paul as we call him. 1 halloween There were corpses hanging from the ceiling in the staircase, which was the only place not crammed. I’ve never seen so many people under one roof at a house party, and they were all wearing the sickest costumes! My american dream came true and I felt as if I was in a high school film. 2 ornella And then I found Ornella in the crowd! It turned out it was her new boyfriends house we were at. Such a small world. 5 halloween The rest of the night was spent dancing in the different rooms to French House, drinking gin straight out of the bottle. 4 seb At four some were ready to pass out so we walked back home in the freezing cold, buying pizza and fried chicken on the way.   Linn  

x Linn

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