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3 lovisa BW A pretty damn long time ago Lovisa and Frida and all the other girls had their house warming party. 5 Lovisa frida housewarming A house filled with tobacco and girls. 13 lovisa sammy In the little kitchen were perhaps twenty-five people trying to make space to dance. 1 jennifer Jennifer was visiting from Sweden! 7 nuala And Nuala was there. 9 Daniel Saboune I hung out with these two babes in the neon lit corner, talking about records and dreams and sex. 10 daniel saboune lovisa Also about how short Lovisa is. <3 We took turns in queueing songs we love and laugh about embarrassing moments. Some couldn’t help but pour their hearts out to others. 4 Garden The garden was oh so dreamy. 11 frida lovisa Especially with these two. Lovisa Lovisa. 8 Linn Frida Me and Frida. 12 lovisa Too early and too late me and my boy got into the biggest fight we’ve ever had. He left the party and I broke down in tears in the pouring rain. It’s such a cliche and absolutely true. I was so angry and went back to this one and Frida to chain-smoke, even though I don’t really touch cigarettes, and cry mascara all over my face. They invited me to sleep between them in their bed but after an hour they convinced me to go and sort stuff out with my man. And off I went, out in the pitch-black rain with dirty eyes and a heavy heart. Luckily, we solved it and I did fall asleep in his arms again.   Linn  

x Linn
2 Responses
  • Emma.
    09 . 12 . 2013

    Du hänger med så många babes ju!! (inkl. dig själv)

  • Frida
    10 . 12 . 2013

    Din blogg är så bra, ojoj! Skönt att ni löste er dispyt, och i text låter det fint med sammanbrott i regn och kedjerökande osv. Även om jag fattar att det var allt annat än “fint”i verkligheten.

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