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Last Week At Hyper Island & Drunken After School Swimming

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It seems like the summer weather has arrived perfectly in time with my going back to school, of course… I’m not feeling too bummed about it though because we’re working on such fun projects. Plus I’m wearing braids which has to be statistically proven to brighten up your mood, no?

For you who doesn’t know I’m studying my second (and last) year at the Digital Media Creative program at Hyper Island trying to become some sort of tech guru. I’d say I’m somehow succeeding doing that as 90% of my facebook groups, emails and everyday lingo now consist of cool words like “growth hacking”, “arduino”, “hackaton” and “start up”. PROPER GEEK COMING THROUGH.

This week will be my last at the actual school. Starting Monday me and my team will work 10 weeks in house at a yoga studio creating their digital future. Super exciting to figure out how to connect something as mindful and analogue as yoga with the buzz of technology. If you have any questions regarding Hyper Island, just comment below. <3

Vinterviken-in-StockholmOtherwise we try and capture the last bit of sun and youth before the big take off. Turns out that only 15min from Hyper Island there are some cliff with an astonishing view where one can go swimming.Vinterviken,-StockholmAfter our last lecture on Friday we packed some beer, swimsuits and crisps and went down there. Being in London this summer where one can only go swimming in a dirty puddle in the park I was dying to jump into the sea. Anton-at-VintervikenLuckily so was Anton and three more of my boys! Sweden Summer-in-SwedenWith more people dropping in and out we stayed up there until the sun started setting and my skin was burnt and my bikini dry.StockholmI took the tube over to Amalia’s where our team had a dinner before dancing at Trädgården. Hopefully not the last summer day, but even if it would be, it was a great one.

One last thing! You should all stop by tomorrow because then I’ll release an extended version of my London guide in English.



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x Linn
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  • Avy
    19 . 08 . 2015

    I only swim when I’m drunk. True story.

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