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my travel guide to Stockholm

Stockholm guide

Äntligen är den här, min guide till Stockholm! Jag har samlat ihop mina bästa tips för min kära hemstad och det är en hel del. Jag kommer precis som med min Londonguide konstant uppdatera den, så se till att spara länken, skicka till någon du gillar och kom tillbaka när du ska på besök.

Just nu är den på engelska, men om du vill ha den översatt klicka här. Vi kör!

It’s here! I have finally put together a travel guide to my lovely hometown Stockholm. For all of you who dream of scandi fashion, feminist boys and veal meatballs, look no further. I will, like I do with my London travel guide, continuously update it so save it, share it with your favourite peeps and come back whenever you need some tips.

So here we go, my fave Stockholm gems:


Greasy Spoon

Katarina Ölkafe StockholmKatarina Ölkafe

Katarina Ölkafe



Greasy Spoon (Tjärhovsgatan 19)
My favourite brunch spot because in contrast to the (yummy but) healthy food offered in Stockholm, here there are no cut backs. Plus that many of the staff are native English speakers so even a Swede can feel like they’re on holiday.

Stockholm Brunch club (Dalagatan 24)
A busy spot that looks like a typically Swedish home. Fantastic juices.

Urban Deli (Nytorget 4)
Good for breakfast but also for drinks at night.

Cafe String (Nytorgsgatan 38)
A brunch spot with indie teens and a great weekend brunch deal with as much you can eat/drink for 90sek.

Pom & Flora (Bondegatan 64)
Typically Swedish breakfast with all kinds of bread, boiled egg and flavoured tea. The staff are INSANELY friendly and everything yummy & instagram friendly.

Katarina Ölkafé (Katarina Bangata 27)
A Swedish/American deli, perfect for a grilled cheese sandwich and craft beer.





La Neta (Barnhusgatan 2)
Mexican restaurant with brilliant tacos.

Boqueria (Jakobsbergsgatan 17)
Spanish tapas that are simply delightful. Costs a bit but definitely worth it. Always good vibe and turns into a fantastic bar/club at night.

Barobao (Hornsgatan 66)
Asian steamed bun place with a stripped back decor and a succulent overload.

Nytorget 6 (Nytorget 6)
A modern take on traditional Swedish food (definitely recommend the veal meatballs).

Pelikan (Blekingegatan 40)
Really old, traditional Swedish restaurant that is superb and grand.

Flippin Burgers (Observatoriegatan 8)
Burger joint (obviously).




Marie Laveau

Tradgarden Stockholm



⋆ BARS ⋆

Marie Laveau (Hornsgatan 66)
This is a vibrant neighbourhood bar, club and restaurant. Feel like people always get laid here?

Morfar Ginko (Swedenborgsgatan 13)
Seem to end up here very often and they often have good djs playing.

Tjoget (Hornsbruksgatan 24)
Feels like a sophisticated yet rough American bar. Like!

Radio Skanstull (Kungstrappan)
The tiniest bar imaginable with an independent radio station broadcasting from inside. Red lights & dancy tunes. Feels all hidden even though it’s in the city center.

Trädgården / Under Bron (Hammarby Slussväg 2)
It has two names because during the summer it’s a massive outdoor space and during the winter it’s in a little house in that massive outdoor space. This is where all the kool kidz go. Prepare to queue. But if you get here early it will be empty. There is just no ideal time to get here, but go.

Taverna Brillo (Sturegatan 6)
LOVE this spot. Dancy, beautiful, intimate and still lots of small tables to sit and have conversations around.

Erlands (Gästrikegatan 1)
Impossible not to feel at home here. Cosy and friendly, like being at somebody’s (very cool & vintage) house.

Kåken (Regeringsgatan 66)
Things get messy here and you will def stumble into somebody kinda well known (at least in the media industry) and kinda full of themself. Having said that, it is so much fun here. Plus they have a heated outdoor terrace!

Laika (Hornhuset, Långholmsgatan 15B)
This is where the dancing happens.

Färgfabriken (Lövholmsbrinken 1)
Just the fact that this place organises a power-ballad club night for people to come and slow dance to sums it up.

Bar 101 (Scandic Anglais, Humlegårdsgatan 23)
A rooftop bar. Don’t stay late because of the crowd. But go for a drink early and enjoy the view!








Holy hell, you just need to try these cardamom buns.

Mellqvist kaffebar (Hornsgatan 78, Bysis Torg 6)

Pascal (Norrtullsgatan 4, Odenplan)

Drop coffee (Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10)




Magasin 3

Linn-Wiberg-och-Frida-Vega,-Olafur-Eliasson-Moderna-Museet-Stockholm Olafur Eliasson, Moderna Museet Stockholm

Moderna Museet



Magasin 3 (Frihamnsgatan 28)
Another modern art museum on the island of museums.

Abba the Museum, (Djurgårdsvägen 68)
Yep, about as Swedish as it gets. JUST GO!

Bonniers Konsthall (Torsgatan 19)

Gallery Steinsland Berliner (Bondegatan 70)

Moderna Museet (Skeppsholmen, main entrance: Exercisplan 4)
The contemporary art museum.

Fotografiska (Stadsgårdshamnen 22)
Good photography museum and they also have a really nice cafe with a view over the water on the top floor.

Carl Eldhs Ateljémuseum (Lögebodavägen 10)
The studio of a Swedish sculptor who made a lot of the statues in the city. Like stepping into a Parisian film.

Artipelag (Artipelagstigen 1, 134 40 Värmdö)
Contemporary cultural center far far out. Swallowed by the Swedish nature, the architecture itself is worth a visit.

Belenius (Jakobs Torg 3)

Nordenhake (Hudiksvallsgatan 8)

NAU Gallery (Karlavägen 5)

AnnaElle Gallery (Karlavägen 15B)



Södermalm, Stockholm



My favourite clothing brand. Pretty cheap and good clothing. They have a bunch of locations in the city.

Contemporary fashion store selling a bunch of different brands.

& Other Stories (Biblioteksgatan 11)
The more well tailored and trendy older sister to H&M.

Papercut (Krukmakargatan 24-26 )
Independent magazine/bookshop.

Clothing and home stuff. Very Scandi and very hipster.

Our Legacy
Independent brand from Sweden that make brilliant menswear.

Från Ö till A (Götgatan 105)
The guy who started Cheap Monday opened this when he sold it.

Eytys (Norrlandsgatan 22)
Yummy sneakers.

Acne Archive (Torsgatan 53)
This is a shop where Acne keeps its treasured pieces from previous seasons or test collections. All available to buy for a lot cheaper than normal.

Betonggruvan (Roslagsgatan 25)
Home decoration mostly in the materials concrete, steel, wood and glass. Pwetty!





Ferry between islands
One of the things I always try to do when I’m in town is taking the ferry from Slussen to the island of the amusement park Gröna Lund. There you get to see Stockholm from its best side.

A really expensive spa made in heaven. Looks like a piece of Japanese paradise in the Swedish forest. Tip: Sundays are cheaper!

Bergianska Trädgården
A botanical garden with a stunning conservatory where you can grab a coffee, buy something to eat and fill up all your space on your phone with pictures.

Skansen (Djurgårdsslätten 49-51)
The world’s first open-air museum/zoo. Experience what Sweden was like before Acne, ABBA and IKEA came around. Wolves, seals, elk and reindeer etc. Great for a stroll and a treat! Tip: their Christmas market is a must see!

Blogger-Linn-Wiberg Utö-Solnedgång

City-centre swimming
Stockholm is made up of nine islands and therefore surrounded by water! The water is clean and the laws allow you to go for a swim right in the middle of town. DO IT! Some of the best places to jump in are Norr Mälarstrand on the edge of Kungsholmen, the sandy beach on the island of Långholmen.

The archipelago
More islands! In the summer, Stockholm is deserted and a big chunk of the population migrate out here. It’s easy to get there via the scheduled ferry services. There are tons of different islands so google! I love Utö. If you want somewhere with several dining options, try Sandhamn. For a smaller, quieter island where lunch is served in a small wooden building, Finnhamn is a pretty great. If you can, I would definitely try and spend a night or two on an island. You can find everything from campsites and country inns to youth hostels and a few small hotels.




– take off your shoes in people’s homes
påtår means a coffee refill and tends to be free
Systembolaget is the only place you can buy alcohol. Shut on Sundays and close at 3pm on Saturdays.
– every single person speaks English, so ask if you are lost




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x Linn
3 Responses
  • Sjukt bra Linn!! Min vego-guide till Stockholm är en riktig surdeg som jag ska ta tag i så snart det lättar lite på pluggfronten!

    Din blogg har verkligen haft ett uppsving på senaste! Den är alltid bra, men kul att se så jävla mycket bra innehåll dag efter dag <3

  • Jenn - forever abroad
    27 . 10 . 2016

    Vad kul att detta kom precis nu! Jag var nyligen i Stockholm och publicerade efter den helgen ett inlägg där jag samlade flera bloggares Stockholms-guider, just eftersom det finns så många bra där ute (här är inlägget: http://jennifersandstrom.se/2016/10/20/att-gora-stockholm/ ). Din var också så tydlig, fin och inspirerande! 🙂

  • Jeanette
    28 . 10 . 2016

    Superbra tips!! Jag bor i Stockholm men det var några på listan som jag aldrig besökt. Tack 🙂

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