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Because subcultures are among the most fascinating things there are, plus the fact that this one combines my upbringing in Africa with my love for punk music.   Linn  

NYC // DAY 1

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So, me and Daniel have spent the past two weeks in North America, so I thought we were gonna have a look at that. Let’s start with day 1. nyc After an uneventful trans-atlantic flight with horrid food (i.e. the vegetable sandwich was in fact ketchup with cheese) Daniel’s twin brother Nicolas picked us up at JFK on Saturday night. First time in North America and this is what I looked like, being a terrified and overly excited little tourist. The summer air was dense and hot and filled with anticipation. dn4 We obviously went straight to the local bodega in Bushwick to get some six packs and then to Nicolas’ new flat. dn dn2 The two of them speaking ridiculously fast, catching up and referencing popular culture like crazy. Being addicted to discovering new music they couldn’t wait to play their new favourite tracks mixed with an overdose of French house music. I was mainly screaming for my hiphop but was too jet lagged, happy drinking beer and hanging out with such lovely bros that I didn’t mind too much. dn3 Downing the last cans of Modelo and Tecato. dn5 Them Pilaprat brothers. dn7 Walked down to Myrtle Ave and the subway. dn6 It was fascinating with the streets filled with such badass hiphopers, poorly dressed (/undressed) ghetto folks and a massive amount of obese people. All my prejudices came true one after one along with my dream of NYC. We jumped on the train and got off in lower Manhattan. forget me not Around dodgy corners and through little side streets badly lit by fading fairy lights, until we got to one of Nicolas’ best spots, the bar Forget Me Not. It’s a tiny, crammed surf bar which plays only wicked music but in the weirdest mixes along with selling cheap drinks. There were a whole bunch of his mates waiting to meet the long lost second twin. forget me not2 So we sat down, joined in the wild conversations and ordered the lovely combination of a can of beer+shot for $5 to the sound of the Clash, Arctic Monkeys and whatnot! The cultural different between North Europeans vs North Americans were already showing big time as the questions and stories were in a constant, non-awkward stream, and I loved it. A bit tipsy and friendlier than ever we walked many streets in the maze of Manhattan to the (in)famous club Le Baron. le baron nyc It was a lot less pretentious than the Paris version I loved sneaking in to as a 16-year old and people actually danced like they were deranged. nicolas pilaprat Nicolas looking like Daniel. dp twins Several hours passed too quickly in the smoky venue and the fact that we should be tired went unnoticed to the R&B beats. mcd But when I didn’t seem to be able to move any of my limbs due to exhaustion we decided we had seen enough of NYC for tonight and walked back to the tube for what seemed as walking all the way back to London. First a stop at McDonald’s where everything was bigger, louder and more depressing than in Europe, as anticipated. I do not remember falling asleep but I can assure you it felt amazing as the time was 6:30 in NYC but actually 12:30 London-time.   Great first night in NYC! Linn  


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Photo 23Photo 7 Photo 20 Photo 27 Photo 34 Photo 35 Det här är jag nu när jag äter frukost i sängen och lyssnar på P3. Snart åka in till mitt nya universitet för att registrera mig för alla kurser och på måndag börjar jag! Men nu till det viktiga. Jag säger härmed hejdå och klipper navelsträngen till vad bloggen nu är. Efter detta inlägg blir allt på engelska istället. Är ni ok med det? Linn English: This is me now listening to swedish radio while waiting to go down to my uni to register for my courses. AND BIG NEWS. This will be my last post in Swedish and from now on I will only write in english.